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Azadi Trust is a small Christian charity based in south-east Birmingham.

The word Azadi' comes from the Persian meaning 'freedom' or 'liberty' and the use of this word offers some insight into the mission of the Trust. However, Azadi is not just a Persian word and is used in a variety of Middle-Eastern languages including; Luri, Pashto, Kurdish, Hindko and Baluchi, but also occurs in Indian languages such as Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali and Kashmiri.

From its earliest inception, the goal of the Trust has been to reach out with the love of Christ to some of the most underprivileged in the diverse society that makes up South East Birmingham.

With a particular focus on helping those in the local community by offering freedom, peace, and the new life available in Jesus Christ to those of all faiths and none, particularly to those marginalised by age, ethnicity, disability, or destitution.

In addition to our primary goal, Azadi Trust also seeks to work in conjunction with other organisations with a similar Christian ethos, sharing both resources and experience. As an umbrella Charity for small projects, Azadi Trust currently oversees three separate projects around South-East Birmingham. You can find out more about Azadi Trust, and the three projects here.